Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dentistry in Waynesboro

Bream Family Dental Care is Waynesboro's leading cosmetic dentistry provider. We can help anyone achieve their dental goals, regardless of their current state of dental health. We take pride in offering a relaxing dental experience in a small town office setting. Call us today for either your general, cosmetic, or surgical dentistry needs. 

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are a great and versatile way to fix many different cosmetic dental issues. The results can often be seen in one to two appointments. Porcelain veneers are a good fit for you if you have crooked, chipped, gapped, or stained teeth. The process is quick and easy. Dr. Beam removes a small amount of the outer layer of your tooth to make sure there is space for the veneer. Then the porcelain veneer will be applied to your tooth with a strong bonding material. You will be educated on the best way to take care of your veneers. The reason porcelain veneers are such a great fit for everyone is because they are natural looking and can be made to look like a whiter and straighter version of your original teeth.

Nite White® Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is one of the most requested procedures we have at Bream Family Dental Care. We use Nite White® Tooth Whitening because it can take years of stains from drinking, coffee, tea, and sodas off of your teeth. Many patients say they look 5 years younger after a whitening procedure is completed. Nite White® Tooth Whitening is used at home and with regular dental check-ups. It requires a custom created mouth piece and a thick whitening solution that is worn nightly for 7-10 days. Results are seen each morning as the patient transforms their smile. 

Porcelain crowns and dental bridges

In modern dentistry we're lucky to have things like porcelain crowns. If you're tooth has been severely damaged and can't receive a filling, then a porcelain crown is probably the best fit for you. A porcelain crown is a great way to rebuild a tooth back to its original strength and support while fixing the decay on the inside. 
We also offer dental bridges for patients with missing teeth. A bridge is a great way to prevent any moving of the surrounding teeth and it's a great addition to the aesthetics of your mouth.A bridge is created by adding a crown to two existing teeth and then attaching a custom made bridge to both crowns. 
At Bream Family Dental Care, we fabricate the bridge to match the color and shape of your teeth in order to give you the most natural looking restoration possible.

Lumineers® and Captek™ Restorations

We only use Lumineers® by Cerinate® for our porcelain veneers. We've chosen Lumineers® because they are an extremely thin sheets of porcelain that require little or no removal of existing teeth. Since such a small layer of tooth needs to be removed, no anesthetic or numbing is required. Additionally, Lumineers® last up to 20 years so patients know this is a worth while investment.

We use Captek™ restorations for crowns and bridges. This helps patients achieve long lasting, natural looking results. Captek™ restorations use gold inside of their crown and bridge designs because it offers the best support. The outside of the bridge is made of porcelain to improve appearance. The final result is a durable, long lasting restoration that is natural looking.
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